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Per request, my FAQ is now a post.

Answers to your stupid questions:

  1. I’m a girl. 
  2. I go to Boston University.
  3. I’m a senior.
  4. Yes, I like BU. It’s amazing.
  5. My major is Environmental Analysis & Policy.
  6. I’m from Chicago. Not the suburbs. Chicago. If you are from the suburbs, you are not from Chicago. You are from “outside Chicago”.
  7. No, I probably don’t know your friend at BU. It’s a big school.
  8. I don’t have an opinion on your university.
  9. Your submission isn’t up either because I haven’t seen it yet, haven’t had time to put it up yet, or it sucks.
  10. “I GO TO BU TOO!” isn’t a question. I’m happy for you though.
  11. I know I can be an asshole. Sorry. :)
  12. Don’t ask me to follow or promote you. Thanks.
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